Just Call Her SUNSHINE!


You’ve seen her at the front desk…get to know Chantell Trumbull (nickname Sunshine) a little better! She has been married to her wonderful, fun loving husband Shawn for 22 years. The two met on the first day of their freshmen year in the dorm of Whitney Hall at CSU, Chico (they lived on the same floor). Chantell and Shawn have two teenage boys, Jake (17) a senior in high school and Cole (15) a sophomore. When the boys were little they tried a lot of different sports…soccer, little league, lacrosse, basketball…but the two have settled into their favorites, soccer for Jake and crew for Cole. The Trumbull family has two dogs, Murphy a ball and water loving black lab and Oreo a half poodle/half beagle mix called a poogle, otherwise known as the ‘fun police’ as he barks whenever too much fun is being had in the house!

Chantell has been practicing at SDY for ‘1 glorious year’ and loves everything about it because it feels like home! She loves the chill vibe, being with the community, practicing next to her people, making new connections and the support and encouragement we all show one another! You’ll mostly see Chantell practicing in the morning or at noon, though sometimes she likes to have a ‘lazy morning’ and show up later in the afternoon. About a month into her practice at SDY, Chantell mentioned to Nick that if we were looking to hire someone, she would like to be considered. Shortly after, she showed up at SDY for the first interview she has ever gone to in yoga pants!

Since starting her yoga practice, Chantell is more connected to herself and in-tune with her thoughts and feelings. She has become more ‘heart centered’ and open with herself and those around her. Life flows much more smoothly for her this way! She has also learned that she is enough, just as she is. She is doing her best on and off the mat…everyday is different and that is ok! Chantell has participated in our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program twice because she loves getting to know people and getting REAL! She has also completed our Connect: Assistant Program and has discovered that assisting is her new favorite thing! Chantell is now enrolled for our next Light Up! Teacher Empowerment Program beginning in October! She is excited for the program and just KNEW that it was time for her to take this next step. Chantell’s advice for anyone considering the program…“Don’t think, just do!” If your heart is nudging you in a certain direction…GO! Your heart is never wrong.

We appreciate ALL that Chantell does for our SDY community! She is the friendly face you first see when you come in, the excited assistant who can’t wait to see what you can do and just an all around amazing woman!

Yoga + Soccer = One Awesome Event


Join the Sacramento yoga community and The Sacramento Republic FC as we gather for “Yoga On The Pitch” on September 23rd.

4:30PM “YOGA ON THE PITCH” taught by Zach Stahlecker, President and Co-Founder of Yoga Moves Us. Presented by Yoga Moves Us and UC Davis Health


Join us for a family friendly yoga session* before the Sacramento Republic FC match on Sept. 23! Each package is $26 and includes your ticket to the match, access to the Yoga on the Pitch event, a USB-powered fan, a UC Davis Health water bottle, a SRFC towel and a donation to Yoga Moves Us.


PHONE: (916)-990-1720 


FYI: For fans that already have tickets to the match and for Season Ticket Holders, please contact Noah Lennon at (916) 307-6105 or

*Package purchase required to attend.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule at SDY

Happy Labor Day! Thanks for all of the hard work that you do every day!

What a great weekend to kick back, enjoy your family and recharge your body.


Here is SDY’S modified weekend schedule.


5:45am Power

8:30am Restorative

10:00am Power

12:00pm Power Beats


8:00am Power

9:30am Power Beats & Kids Class


7:20am HiiT

8:00am Power PLAY

9:30am Power Beats & Kids


9:30am “HAIR OF THE DOG” POWER BEATS “Bob Seger” & Kids Class