Have Fun, Feel Energized and Be Inspired!

POWER classes are a great fit for new and advanced students alike! These classes will cover the foundation of Baron Baptiste’s “Journey Into Power” sequence. You will learn, have fun, feel energized and be inspired!

45, 60 or 75 minutes, 90 degrees with humidity

POWER BEATS classes are the same Power classes you’re used to...but with music! Beats classes were designed to add fun flavor and a whole lot of spunk to your day. Your teachers will incorporate music powerfully and intentionally to spark your inner fire and lead you into new possibilities!

45, 60 or 75 minutes, 90 degrees with humidity

POWER PLAY classes allow you to use the foundation you have built in your yoga practice, set yourself free and move into NEW possibilities through a combination of play and hard work. The teacher and students will work together to create the practice from right now. Come PLAY!

60 or 75 minutes, 90 degrees with humidity

HIIT classes are designed for athletes and practitioners interested in adding interval training or additional cardio to their existing workouts or yoga practice. High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) is widely accepted to increase your metabolism, strengthen your heart, regulate blood sugar levels, and burn more calories than traditional cardio. These classes can be modified for different levels.

30 minutes, 80 degrees no humidity

*Due to the format and length of this class, practitioners will NOT be admitted after class has begun. In order to guarantee your spot, you must arrive 5 minutes BEFORE the start of class, even if you have pre-registered online.

DEEP FLOW classes move with a slower, flowing pace and include a much longer floor series. The longer holds with an emphasis on hip opening poses, gives you access to release built up tension and stress.

60 or 75 minutes, 90 degrees with humidity

RESTORATIVE classes are beneficial for practitioners of all levels. During these classes you will hold yin yoga poses for longer periods of time in order to target the deep connective tissues of your body. You will meditate, turn inward, and develop the healing flexibility your body craves.

75 or 90 minutes, no heat

LEARN YOGA is a three week beginners series taught in workshop format. Come with questions and be open to learn new things! When offered, this series focuses on starting from the basics to build a strong foundation for a long-lasting yoga practice. No matter your experience level, expect to learn something new!

Six 75 minute sessions over 3 weeks...ask for upcoming dates!