Learn Yoga at Spotted Dog Yoga

Want to learn yoga? Foundation and consistency are the two most important elements to developing a strong and long lasting yoga practice. Here are some ideas to help YOU learn more at Spotted Dog Yoga!

  • Sign up for our quarterly “Learn Yoga” workshop! Let’s start at the very beginning and learn the basic fundamentals of yoga! This program includes 6 sessions over a 3 week period. We’ll begin at square one and build upon what we learn each session. At the end of 3 weeks, you’ll have a strong foundation and enough knowledge to feel comfortable attending any basic or mixed level yoga classes at Spotted Dog Yoga.
  • Schedule an individual or group Private Session! Private yoga gives YOU the opportunity to connect with an experienced teacher who will tailor the practice to your needs and help you develop a strong foundation.
  • Sign up for our SDY Mentorship Program! Through this program you will have access to a deeper understanding of the yoga practice we teach at Spotted Dog Yoga as well as an opportunity to create what you want everywhere in your life. Our intention is to provide support for you as you either begin or further your yoga journey, with a program designed specifically for you by an SDY teacher!